Information Technology & Automation

Pantheon Infracon specializes in delivering value to all the customers reaching out to homes, offices, industries and government organizations. With the world advancing and the business demands increasing day by day, flawless Security and Automation is essential to keep you and your business safe from threats and intrusion & at the same time extending all the facility that you need.

Pantheon is constantly striving to ensure that we can bring successful products and integrated solutions to successful businesses. In our endeavour to represent the strength of a brand we have constantly looked at different ways to communicate effectively our complete range of products, services and solutions.

Our Products and Solutions cover all aspects of Intelligent and Secured environment both indoor and outdoor premises including Home, Schools, Colleges, Offices, Showrooms, Shops, Hospitals, Factories, Private and Public Transportation etc.

Entry Automation Solutions
Video Surveillance Solutions
Voice, Video & Data Solutions
Multi-apartment Solutions
Smart Home Management Solution
Parking Management Solution
School Management Solution
Logistics Management Solution
Automated Weightbridge Solution
Fare Collection System
Intelligent Traffic Management Solutions
Boom Barriers (Anti Crash / Secured)
Turnstiles (Bars / Flap)
CCTV Cameras (Analog, Digital, IP Wireless, Cloud based)
Road Blockers and Bollards (Pneumatic and Hydraulic)
Spike Tyre Busters / Access Control Systems
Cat Eyes / LED Road Stud
Access Control Systems
Automatic Sliding and Swing Doors
Automatic Sliding and Swing Gates
Automatic Rolling Shutters and Garage Doors
Hand Dryers
Our Proud Customers